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This is my diploma project, ending my bachelor. It consists of a guide to the downtown of Warsaw with a map of this district, ZINe with answers from the survey about Warsaw that I conducted and an AR application.
The guide consists of 27 most popular and fashionable places in Warsaw, divided into food, drinking and shops sections. I took all the photos myself. An additional element to the guide is a map with all 27 locations, which I printed by myself using the screen printing.
ZIN is a collection of responses from a survey about Warsaw that I conducted. The questions were abstract, for example what does Warsaw taste like? I chose the most relevant and funny ones, collected and illustrated with photo collages. I printed the ZIN cover by myself using the screen printing.
You can view some spreads in the ZIN through the AR application that I created. When you hover your phone's camera over the pages, the illustrations start to animate.
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